Art of the American West

Joel Kronenberg

American (b. 1968)


Joel KronenbergBorn in1968, and residing in beautiful Spirit Lake, Idaho with his wife and children, Joe Kronenberg is a native of the Pacific Northwest. From a young age he has had a love of art. “Growing up I was constantly drawing. I took all the art classes I could fit in through my high school years. Upon graduating I started my first year in a commercial art program. My courses soon became somewhat tedious to me and I found for the first time in my life art was becoming a chore rather than a passion. So, I left art school before completing my first year. In hindsight of course I would have stayed in. Not only did that decision ultimately remove me from art for over twelve years while I pursued a career in sales, but it has taken me years of study on my own to gain and put to use a lot of the knowledge I would have acquired had I stayed. However, I can say the time I spent away from art has given me a drive and appreciation for it I never had before. I know now that I will never again be without art in my life.”