Art of the American West

Cliff Rossberg

American (Active)


Cliff Rossberg is an artist who is inspired by the world around him. His studio and home are located south of Great Falls, Montana along the Missouri River. Much of his inspiration comes from his backyard and home state. Cliff is an avid outdoor photographer and spends several weeks every year in the National Parks and all over Montana, Wyoming and Canada in search of ideas for future works. He believes those firsthand experiences allow him to more accurately convey the personality and spirit of the subject.

For Cliff Rossberg, art has served as a vehicle for a unique journey. Although his first paintings were loosely painted impressions of animals and landscapes, it served as the beginning for a career as a professional artist. Throughout his career, Cliff has experimented with several mediums and styles but still prefers oils. He typically paints North American Wildlife with a strong emphasis on the Landscape. Today Cliff’s artistic goals are not to paint a mere photograph but to give the subject life and allow the viewer to fill in the details. Giving a painting life is no small task, but with each new painting Cliff gets closer to that goal. He strives is never to peak as an artist and is always pushing himself to produce better works. Both wildlife and nature are so diverse that Cliff believes he will paint a lifetime without running out of ideas.