Art of the American West

Chad Poppleton

American, 1910-1999


Chad Poppleton, a resident of Utah, has been interested in art ever since he can remember. Chad’s interest began while on the farm with his grandfather. He would spend hours on the tractor, drawing to pass the time. Chad’s interest grew as he got older, and he became fascinated with big game wildlife. Spending time in the mountains and being in their environment captivates him. “Interpreting the behavior and character of each animal in its natural environment is the motivation for my work. Studying, sketching, life painting, and observing the animal’s behavior helps me to identify their characteristics and convey that on the canvas.”

Chad studied at Utah State University under the direction of Glen Edwards and graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art/Illustration. Chad is married and has two children and resides next to his family farm. Chad was featured in the 21 under 31 in Southwest Art Magazine in 2002. He has also been in the top 100 for Arts for the Parks in 2001 through 2003. He received Honorable Mention for the Wyoming Conservation Stamp 2003 and was a selected artist at the Southeastern Wildlife Expo in 2004.

“As an artist my objective is to represent the subjects of wildlife correctly and accurately to the best of my ability. Each animal is different and should engage the viewer emotionally with in the piece. The viewer should understand the character of the animal.” As an avid sportsman and conservationist Chad spends as much time in the field as he does at the easel. His paintings are a reflection of his love for the animals and the outdoors.