Art of the American West

Ben Stahl

American (1910-1987)


Ben Stahl Ben Stahl was, a painter, art teacher and award-winning illustrator for The Saturday Evening Post.

One of his colleagues, the artist Norman Rockwell, once said, ”We are but illustrators, but Ben Stahl is among the masters.”

Stahl was born in Chicago in 1910, and, by the age of 20 had exhibited his works at the Art Institute of Chicago’s International Water Color Show. His paintings have been shown at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh and at many galleries across the country. A Founder of School

In 1949, Mr. Stahl helped found the Famous Artists Schools of Westport, Conn., a correspondence institute offering home art instruction, whose faculty included Norman Rockwell, Al Parker and others.

More than 750 of his illustrations appeared in The Saturday Evening Post since 1933, including those he did for C. S. Forester’s famous ”Hornblower” series. He also illustrated several limited editions of classic novels, including ”Little Women,” ”Madame Bovary” and ”Gone With the Wind.”