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J-Art Gallery Art Collections

American Art CollectionAmerican Art

Browse works from some of the most intriguing American artists spanning a variety of styles and mediums. Browse the American Art Collection.

Art of the SouthwestArt of the Southwest

Browse Art of the Southwest.

home-EI-COUSEUntitledArt of the American West

J-Art Gallery is honored to offer these original and one-of-a-kind works by many of the most highly esteemed Western American artists spanning the 19th through 20th centuries.
Browse Art of the American West Gallery.

European ArtEuropean Art

J-Art Gallery is proud to bring to market a variety of European artists – including Piere-Auguste Renoir, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and so many more. Browse the European Art Collection.

Hisashi OtsukaHisashi Otsuka

Like the samurai in many of his paintings on fabric, Hisashi Otsuka is an artist of remarkable dedication. Schooled in Zen and the martial arts, he has lived and worked by the warrior’s code of discipline and duty. Browse the Hisashi Otsuka Collection.

International ArtInternational Art

Browse the International Art Collection.

Sheldon C. Schoneberg CollectionSheldon C. Schoneberg

Browse the Sheldon C. Schoneberg Collection.

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