American Art

W.A. Selden

American/Washington/ Active


William Selden has been a professional artist all of his adult life. His work encompasses all styles and mediums: acrylic, pastel, watercolor and oils. He pioneered the watercolor technique still in use today by the portrait artists at Disneyland.

His artistic talent surfaced at the age of 9. He received a formal art education at both the California Institute of Arts (Chouinard) and the Art Center College of Design.

Mr. Selden is best known for his celebrity portraits, especially the Marilyn Monroe series. Several examples of his work are decorating the walls of: Players and Baxter’s restaurants in Irvine, California, Edie’s Diner in Corona del Mar, California, and in several El Torito and Charlie Brown’s restaurants located throughout the country. A 5′ x 7′ painting of the Beach Boys is hanging in Gardunio’s in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

An accomplished photographer and custom color printer, one of Mr. Selden’s recent projects is a line of photo gift cards published under the trade name of “Oregon CoastCard.” Each card features an original hand-printed photograph depicting a scene of the varied and beautiful Oregon coastline.

Along with the portraits and the cards, Mr. Selden specializes in realistic landscapes and ocean scenes sold through art galleries. He accepts commissions for a wide variety of illustrative projects, including the creation of artwork for a series of collectable plates.

Never content to rest upon past glories, William Selden continues to expand and promote his exceptional artistic abilities.