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Leroy Jesfield

 American (Current)


Leroy JesfieldAcrylic on canvas or board is the artist’s primary medium with many of his paintings camouflaging messages that both surprise and inspire the viewer.

During his tour in Vietnam (69 & 70) LeRoy was an illustrator for the 221st Signal Company South East Asia Pictorial Center.  Stateside duty included graphic arts, set design, and performing arts for the Third Army Soldier Show out of Fort McPherson Georgia.

After three years of active duty, LeRoy illustrated at P.S.N.S. during the 70’s, in Bremerton, WA. Corporate sales in Southern California for the next 21 years consumed most of his time.  It was a recuperation period from an accident, and his wife’s encouragement that stimulated his art career again.

His work was accepted in the Fallbrook National Wildlife Show in 2001, and a workshop with Canadian Artist, David Kitler, enhanced his techniques in Acrylics.

LeRoy and his wife, Wanda, now reside in Berne, Indiana where his teaching of portraiture and painting joyfully consumes his life.