American Art

Clifton E. Hadfield, II



Clifton E.  Hadfield, II Clif (Bud) Hadfield was born in Somerset, MA, and educated in Boston.  He served his apprenticeship in New York City as an art director, designer and illustrator.  His clients included Pan-Am, Gillette, Polaroid, Georgia-Pacific and Intel.  His work has been published in Business Week, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and Field and Stream. In 1970 he relocated to an eighty-acre ranch near Portland, Oregon, where he raised cattle and horses while pursuing a fine-art direction.  As an oil painter, he specialized in Tuscany, California mission and landscape subjects.  As a watercolorist he was best known for the series of iris paintings he created for the famous Cooley’s Iris Gardens catalog. Hadfield’s work was represented by leading California and Arizona collections and is in private and public collections around the world.  He resided in Oregon until his passing in 2008. Respectfully, C.E. Hadfield III.