American Art

Carol Kalhagen

American, Active


Carol Kalhagen-Tamanaha is a native of the Pacific Northwest and had the advantage of growing up surrounded by woodlands. She turned to wildlife art to express her deep love for nature and animals.

Carol started exhibiting in 1972 and has received many awards for her watercolor, pen and ink, acrylic and oil paintings. By 1976, she was painting wildlife exclusively and since that time she has developed a unique style, which has gained recognition nationally.

Each painting is a composite of photos taken of the area or sketches done on location. She travels throughout North America with her photographer husband, Steve Tamanaha to find her portrayals of wildlife. This travel, combined with research on each subject, allows her to paint a story into each of her works.

The artwork of Carol Kalhagen celebrates the bond between mankind and the animal kingdom. Carol incorporates a combination of motifs from ancient cultures into her wildlife art to identify our relationship with nature as a mystical magical unity.